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Menu Design


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Menu Design

Generally, a thoughtless menu design brings less money to a business. The main motive behind menu card design is to maximize the profitability and customer satisfaction. In addition to these two positives, it elevates your brand identity.

A menu must not be either big in size or small. Because, a big size menu might be not convenient to handle and there are chances to miss the interest. On the other hand, small size menu is not preffered if it is not easily readable.

Therefore, as a designer I make  sure your menu is perfect in size, fonts, color palatte, images and the format. Place your resturant menu design or cafe menu design service order. 

Menu Design for a Tacos Resturant.

Basically, a static menu display a seperate price for each item. The design is very focus and on point. This menu includes all the items categorized accordingly. Here, the menu is very standard and do not change very often.

In general, a beverage menu display all kinds of drinks and is the best choice for cafes, juice points and obviously bars. This menu is designed in different types. For example, de jour, static or even a cycle type menu. 

As the name says, a dessert list all types of desserts available. The menu will be designed in a very particular way so that it grabs the customers attention towards the items. Dessert menu attracts customers more often due to its presentation essence.

Childeren menu are designed targeting the kids as primary choice. This menu grabs an attention of childeren just by a look towards the menu. Specific color palettes, readable fonts, attractive images and its presentation does the work.

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