My name is Rithvic Emmila. And I am a Self-taught and Home-based Graphic Designer.

I am a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and at one point I was very concentrated to seek a job in Wind Energy. Well, frankly speaking, I had experience working in a few core jobs. Eventually, I had decided and chosen brand identity and graphic designing for a living. I am happy being a graphic designer and I wish to serve the customers effectively.

I specialise in Brand Identity, Logo Branding, Custom Print Design Applications and Graphic Illustrations. In addition, I do design websites using content management systems.

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How do I Graphic Design?

Unlike figuring out or trying to manipulate the problem, I always believe in applying a structured pattern to solve a problem. I want to share the basic steps I follow to design which goes as follows:


Understand & Research

I Understand what is the purpose of the product, who is the audience, and what is the goal. Then I do research by browsing the internet, reading about the company, competition, market and what exactly people are thinking about the product or the brand.



Brainstorming is a process of generating ideas. Personally, in order to generate and organise information I apply divergent thinking and take help from another person for convergent. I will try to pen a lot of ideas irrelevant whether good or bad.



Post writing down the ideas, I basically get the rough sketches if it is a logo and present it to the client and make sure my work is Validated. Here, I explain to the client what made me come up with these designs and why. Validation to me is to get feedback.



After receiving the feedback, I actually improve, refine and make sure the rough sketch is ready for the final cut. Eventually, I design the product to its finest. Once the product is Finalized, it now times for the launch. This is the easiest part of the whole process.

As a graphic designer, I undertake a project to give 100% output. To do that  I need to achieve the right targets. In order to achieve the right targets, I make sure I understand the client requirements and what exactly the design tasks require. Initially, when I started my career in graphic designing I used to create designs right away, but I understood that the purpose of the project is not fulfilled. Therefore, I try to avoid making unreasonable mistakes.

From my experience firstly, I understood that the design work is at its best when the project serves its purpose or function. And secondly, when the project delivers the requirements successfully. In general, I try to communicate a message or an idea in a very unique method so that it reaches the targeted audience in a strong, engaging and logical basis.

My idea behind doing graphic designing is just not to make things looking good and beautiful but to convey a set of useful information through a creative process for a specific function for example logo designing. Therefore, I always try to understand what are the functions of the projects and how to deliver. To understand the project functions and requirements I try to get as much information as possible from the client or various sources.

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